Executive Director Update - February 2020

February 25 2020 – Update

2020 APBVSA Personnel Survey


The 2020 Personnel Survey is on the website now and ready to go.  It is under the Program Manager Resources – see screenshot.  Or – you can use this link.



There will be a prize for the PM who completes it first!  


I would encourage you to complete this asap. It takes on average, less than 20 minutes to complete. If you have your quarterly reporting documents for the last year handy, it should go fairly quickly. Thank you in advance for participating. Please complete the Survey with as much detail, and as soon as possible as Paul needs a minimum of a couple of weeks to compile the information.

  • The results will be presented at our AGM, June 25, 2020.

  • We recognize that much of what you share is personal however when we compile the results, we do remove Question #1 which specifically identifies the Program.


HINTS: When filling in numbers for the numerical questions, the text box only accepts positive, whole numbers for the answer choice. If respondents type in decimal numbers (.) or insert characters like dollar signs or symbols ($), it returns an error that the question does not accept those characters. Symbols such as: $, (,), % etc. will also NOT be accepted.

If you encounter problems or have questions, please contact Paul Schmidt:

ph: 780-852-2275 or jaspervsu@telus.net.


2020 Conference Updates

Only six weeks to go to Conference time!  

  • Just a friendly reminder to start following the conference website https://victimserviceconference.com/, Instagram @wearehere_victimservicealberta, & Facebook @BanffConference  accounts for exciting information about keynote speakers, presenters, wellness, transportation, exhibits, vendors, and sponsors.  Share with your delegates!  

  • Let me know if your program is willing to provide a donated gift for the silent auction. If you have an idea of what and approximate value, we will start getting our donation sheets ready! 

  • Program Display:  We had some fabulous ones last Conference!  Contact Lauren Reid @ Fort Saskatchewan (780) 997-7955 or email hello@forsaskvsu.com   Patricia Proskurniak from Manning VS has offered to create posters for you and you’ll just have to print them off (~ $20 @ Staples).  Contact her at vsu.manning@yahoo.ca for more info!

  • Volunteers: We will soon be putting out a request for volunteers for session hosts.

  • Evaluations will be done electronically this year to an amazing volunteer from CPS VAST who has designed an APP for us.  Exciting, eh?

  • Wellness Sessions are really exciting this year. They include Yoga, Campus Walks & Talks with Jim, Dream Catcher Creation, In Dog We Trust – a humour filled session, self-massage, iRest Guided Meditation, a Musical Interlude & Conversation and two sessions of the KAIROS blanket sessions  Note:  the KAIROS blanket session is a unique, participatory history lesson – developed in collaboration with Indigenous Elders, Knowledge Keepers and educators – that fosters truth, understanding, respect and reconciliation among Indigenous and non-indigenous peoples.  Space limited to 30 participants – There will be a lottery draw for spots during the conference.  There will be another session on Saturday.

  • ROAM Bus between Banff Centre and Town: Based on feedback from delegates in past years, and with the amazing cooperation of the Town of Banff, the ROAM bus will be implementing a pickup/drop-off schedule to accommodate Conference delegates for only $2.00. Stay tuned for more information prior to the Conference.


“To make a difference in someone’s life, you don’t have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful, or perfect. You just have to care enough and be there.”  ….. Anonymous


Feb 24th 2020 – Update

APBVSA Partnership Meeting – Feb 20th


Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting(s) last week in Calgary.  It was a good meeting and we had a great turn out.  Minutes will be sent out as soon as possible but I will attach the reports from Alf & myself.  So just a couple of things to note in the interim:

  • No programs that applied in the October cycle have heard anything about their grant application.  If someone hears – please let us know.

  • Some programs on the earlier cycle are already 2 months into their grant year and still have not received their grant monies.  Programs in that situation are encouraged to contact JSG, especially if they are in a bind financially.  Some programs received their grant monies promptly



  • Restitution:  there will be an update at PMT.

  • Community Impact Statement:  Framework is laid out for this now.

  • VIS: this has been updated and there will be the ability for victims to submit electronically.

  • Financial Benefits Review:  Awaiting the final report and recommendations.  Also the question of “What happened to you?” at the beginning of the form – DO NOT HAVE VICTIM COMPLETE THIS QUESTION as it then becomes subject to disclosable

  • FILU positions:  These federal positions have received approval for an additional 3 years.

  • New board members?  Make sure they take the board training.

  • Cultural Safety online training also available.

  • Online training and best practices being developed around ambiguous loss (Missing Persons).

  • Testimonial Aids project is winding down and includes an increase in Witness Protection Screens, Polycom conferencing, Tablets for testifying and video conferencing at courthouses across the Province.

  • The next phase outlined by the current government (JSG) is expected to include the review of services to victims of crime – no details on what that will entail.  

  • Historical Sexual Assaults being denied financial benefits: the view of the committee that without “verifiable medical information” to support the accusation there is nothing to support the victim’s claim.  Issues around how long medical, police, child welfare records, etc are retained contribute to this problem in addition to the overall complexities around historical sexual assaults.

  • Some Crowns are asking VS to review audio statements with victims – DO NOT DO THIS – not a function of VS.


K Division:

  • Due to staffing issues (Dana is alone in the Victim Service Unit) the LMOU has taken a back seat to other work (2 positions are posted).

  • Police member training course is available on Agora for all members but only 25 members have taken it.  Dana asked PMs to encourage their members and liaisons to take it.

  • Dana has completed 30 site visits to date of 67 programs.

  • LMOU Training: Dana is willing to do LMOU training with Boards at their convenience and anyone within the program (Boards, PMs, Advocates, Staff, etc) is welcome to attend.  It takes about 2 hours.

  • KD5151:  a couple of issues raised regarding the members either not using it or not using it properly.  A suggestion from the floor to have a bulletin go out clarifying use and also to highlight the proactive referral in red.

  • Issue of lack of information when the KD5151 is completed and if charges are not yet laid or are pending – the information on the accused and charges, etc. are not on it. 

  • Dana reiterated that if it’s a proactive referral which eventually is a declined or you are just never able to reach the victim then the KD5151 must go back to the member and they must ensure all rights are afforded to the victim.

  • K Division is currently looking at the issue of information sharing between detachments as the current LMOU doesn’t cover that.

  • VSCM data must be stored on an external drive if you are accessing the internet with that computer.  If not, you must not access the internet with the VSCM computer.

  • JOIN: if you need more than the allotted 2 JOIN accesses, please contact Dana.  The next training will be in late April or May.


Touch base items for further discussions with JSG in the future. 

  • The date for our next touch base meeting.

  • Compilation of the VOCF Committee.

  • “Other” category (Sudden deaths, NOKs, plane crashes, MVCs, out of province/Country files).

  • The reaction of Boards to site visitations by K Div (transport, insurance, board members, conflict of interest).

  • Body removal services in rural communities.

  • Support for VS Facility Dogs by JSG or another ministry – Crowns are very appreciative and all comments on the record or documentation from the Crown should be recorded and forwarded to Adonus  adonus.arlett@rcmp-grc.gc.ca.


APBVSA 2020 Personnel Survey


We will be loading this year’s survey on the website tonight and if everything goes well we will send out all the links tomorrow.

20200220 ED Report to Membership

President Report 20200220


Happy Valentines Day from me to you!


Calgary Police Partner Agency Training

See attached updated training schedule.  The one on Conflict Management by Gary McDougall is only 10 days away.  Note that you must pre-register!


Conference updates – <7 weeks to go!  

  • Just a friendly reminder to start following the conference website https://victimserviceconference.com/, Instagram @wearehere_victimservicealberta, and Facebook @BanffConference  accounts for exciting information about keynote speakers, presenters, wellness, transportation, exhibits, vendors, and sponsors.  Share with your delegates!  

  • Let me know if your program is willing to provide a donated gift for the silent auction. If you have an idea of what and approx value we will start getting our donation sheets ready! 

  • Re: Program Displays….we had some fabulous ones last Conference!

    This is your reminder to bring your program display posters to the Banff Conference this year! We love to see what all of our fellow programs are up to! We will display these all together on boards at the Banff Centre for us to all check out as we enjoying the conference.

    This poster can be professionally done at a printing company, Staples, Vistaprint or my personal favourite…with glitter glue and tape!

    My practicum student and some advocates have taken on this project, and we look forward to using this poster at many of our community events.  

    Please see the attached invitation to bring a poster (with a couple of examples).  Send me (Laura) a message if you have any questions!

    Lauren Reid
    Executive Director, Fort Saskatchewan            
    (780) 997-7955   hello@fortsaskvsu.com


Partnership Meeting – February 20, 2020 – Calgary

Date:  Thursday, February 20, 2020   

Time:  10am-2pm

Location: Sheraton Cavalier, Calgary  www.google.ca/maps/Sheraton Cavalier Calgary    2620 32nd Avenue NE, Calgary  403-291-2834

$109 Guaranteed Rate until January 31, 2020

RSVPs requested asap – currently, I have the following: Darcie James, Sherry Hornby, Mary Dawn Eggleton (Innisfail), Melonie Gillis,  Lauren Reid (Ft. Sask), Lauren Delahunt, Kristine Stebanuk (Rimbey),  Patricia Proskkurniak, Nicole Larson, Alf Rudd, Adonus Wiseman, Gloria Derksen, Brian Turpin, Noreen Metz,

Zoom:  Nicole Chouinard



Sgt. Abbott will be presenting on the new Edmonton Police Crime & Trauma Informed Support Services structure and of course, we hope to have our partners there.  If you have specific questions or issues you want to be addressed by either of our partners please forward them to Alf and me in advance of the meeting so they have the opportunity to prepare an appropriate response.


Zoom meeting – APBVSA Partnership Meeting

Time: Feb 20, 2020 10:00 AM 

https://zoom.us/j/8211114321     Meeting ID: 821 111 4321

One tap mobile     +16475580588,,8211114321# Canada

Dial by your location   +1 647 558 0588 Canada    Meeting ID: 821 111 4321


There will also be a Cafe Conversation with the Executive @ 5pm on Thursday.  


Zoom Meeting: CAFE CHAT

Time: Feb 19, 2020 05:00 PM 

Join Zoom Meeting     https://zoom.us/j/8211114321    Meeting ID: 821 111 4321

One tap mobile     +16475580588,,8211114321# Canada

Dial by your location   +1 647 558 0588 Canada     Meeting ID: 821 111 4321


Coronavirus Info:

HRdownloads has always been committed to keeping you up-to-date when it comes to important information you should know as an employer or HR professional. In keeping with our commitment, we’ve created an informational blog with answers to all the questions professionals like you have been asking our senior HR advisors about coronavirus.


Find out how coronavirus could be affecting your workplace and get advice on how to answer the questions your employees are asking about.

Click here to go to our blog!

Coronavirus info for employers


Job Opportunity – Leduc

See attached job posting for Leduc – full-time victim support worker.

Nathalie Castets – Medicine Hat – onward and upward


The Association would like to congratulate Nathalie for her recent promotion within Medicine Hat Police Service.  We would like the thank her, immensely for her strong work and input on the Association Executive as former Vice-President and also Municipal Representative.  Best of luck, Nathalie!


New Program Managers !!

Welcome, to the following new or interim Program Managers:

Frances Yarbrough: PM Strathcona VS   Frances.yarbrough@strathcona.ca

Lori Rehill: Interim ED Airdrie & District VS lori.rehill@rcmp-grc.gc.ca

Kristie Soanes & Rachel Coventry:  Camrose & District VS  ksoanes@camrose.ca rcoventry@camrose.ca 

Mary Dawn Eggleton: Innisfail & District VS  innisfailvictimservices@gmail.com

Alberta Wage & Salary Survey links – Government of Alberta

Please see attachments that may be of interest to you.


“To make a difference in someone’s life, you don’t have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful, or perfect. You just have to care enough and be there.”  ….. Anonymous

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