February 24 - Pink Shirt Day - Stand Up Against Bullying

Join us in recognizing Pink Shirt Day on February 24. This is a day to stand up against and raise awareness for bullying prevention and healthy relationships.

Bullying is repeated mean, cruel, hurtful behaviours done on purpose by someone with more power. It can be verbal, physical, social and online.

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger please call 911

Information and Resources on Bullying

Pink Shirt Day Alberta

Bullying Canada

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Alberta Police Based Victim Services


The Alberta Police Based Victim Services Association is an Accredited non-profit organization of Victim Service Units. The Association promotes proactive leadership by providing professional development, education, minimum core training standards, mentoring and advocacy to programs providing services to victims of crime and tragedy. We are funded by the Government of Alberta Victims of Crime Fund.

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