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Private: 2018 APBVSA Personnel Survey

The 2018 APBVSA Personnel Survey is ready for your participation

It’s that time of year again where we ask you to complete the APBVSA Personnel Survey.

Over the years we have steadily increased the number of responses, and we appreciate your participation as we try to capture as complete a picture as possible. The Association receives many emails and phone calls looking for the information from past years’ surveys.  Many times, Program Managers were able to more fairly negotiate or improve their employment agreement, wages, benefits, etc. based on the results of the survey.  Boards also utilize the results in order to see where they compare to other programs.

I would encourage you to complete this asap.  It takes on average, less than 20 minutes to complete.  Thank you in advance for participating.  Please complete the Survey with as much detail, and as soon as possible as Paul needs a minimum of a couple of weeks to compile the information.

The results will be presented at our AGM, June 22nd.   Note:  when the results are compiled, we remove Question #1 which identifies the Program. HINTS:

  • When filling in numbers for the numerical questions, the text box only accepts positive, whole numbers for the answer choice.

  • If respondents type in decimal numbers (.) or insert characters like dollar signs or symbols ($), it returns an error that the question does not accept those characters.

  • Symbols such as: $, (,), % etc. will also NOT be accepted.

  • If you have your quarterly reporting documents for the last year handy, it should go fairly quickly.

If you encounter problems or have questions, please contact Paul Schmidt:

Following are the links to the results of past years surveys:

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